Build strong connections. Amplify your influence. Be a leader.
Join the ranks of trailblazers and build
your network.
Everything is possible with us.
Join the ranks of trailblazers
and build your network.
Everything is possible with us.


This is not a place for aimless gatherings. We are a group of inspirers who have come together to regularly share plans, tackle challenges, provide advice to one another, and discuss what works and what doesn't based on our experiences.
We have a common goal: to use our time conscientiously and continually move forward. Although the club's idea is remarkably simple and clear, the collective has an immensely strong influence on everyone. Unique hench sessions provide access to fresh ideas, advice, and collaboration. Here, you can level up, enhance your communication skills, or engage in cross-learning. The best of the best gain access to the exclusive "23-X" club.

The Henchmind Story. How It All Began?

The core of HM consists of talented entrepreneurs who are permanent club members, facilitators, and organizers of hench gatherings in various cities around the world.
No one here will write that it all started with a cup of coffee and friendly get-togethers. In March 2023, I decided it was time to rethink the concept of a mastermind. I didn't like that name. It didn't convey the potential I saw. Besides, if I was going to play, it had to be on a grand scale. I had to grab a notepad, a pen, and jot down the thoughts that wouldn't leave me alone.
The first meeting took place in September 2023 in Kaliningrad and had 13 participants. What happened next can be found in the "Blog" and "News" sections.

Club's Value

It's crucial that subsequent members share an understanding of why this group comes together. You can choose the familiar path and associate with people who drag you down and mock you for thinking differently, or you can join a community that inspires you to make a difference.
The choice is always yours. However, we've long realized that creating the right environment is the perfect catalyst for transformation.


Firstly, having like-minded individuals whom you trust with something personal can calm and stabilize your psyche. Secondly, knowing that people have your back, even if you face failure, can make you bolder. Thirdly, admit it, it's equally pleasant to deal with those with whom you can truly celebrate your victories. Often, among those close to you, there may not be anyone who can support you.
Why stay alone? It's no secret that together we are stronger. Collective wisdom is more powerful. You get answers to your questions and expand each other's possibilities. Through synergy, you achieve greater progress. This approach is far more beneficial than attending ten masterclasses from the top coaches.
Most importantly, participation in HM gradually instills a sense of responsibility. You're no longer just sitting in front of your phone or thinking about Friday night parties; you know for sure that you'll need to prove yourself and make progress. Otherwise, you'll simply be excluded from the club.
Yes, such a screenplay is possible, but before that, the council will make every effort to prevent it.

Organization and Structure of Henchmind

Some groups consist of 5-8 people, while others comprise 23 members. Each group has its own rules. However, since its foundation, certain norms have been established that are never violated. Here are a couple of them, for example:
  • We emphasize mutual support and discourage competition.
  • We encourage everyone to take some form of action.
  • If the collective believes that you are hindering the group, you may be voted out.
  • What happens during Henchmind sessions stays within those sessions.
No, this doesn't mean that we are representatives of a secret society or aiming to build a new Masonic lodge. We have blog reports that are sequentially maintained by all participants. However, our code differentiates what can be shared publicly and what pertains exclusively to club members. Your comfort is important to me.
Each group is led by a regional expert who has excelled in your field and has gone through all the key stages of HM. If you wish not only to participate but also to become a facilitator, then after completing the 4 stages (Alignment-Growth-Strength-Knowledge), you can create your team.

What Awaits You?

  • Regular events.
  • Guest experts.
  • Support for your projects and networking opportunities.

The rest you will discover when you become a full-fledged club member.

What is Expected of Me?
You need to allocate one day a week and attend at the specified time. The minimum program lasts exactly 5 months, after which you move on to a new level. Further membership depends on your desire. However, before joining the club, you will undergo a preliminary interview, after which you'll need approval from all participants. Yes, it's time to learn how to persuade.
Nominators, know-it-alls, politicians, and self-satisfied individuals typically stay on the outside. We don't welcome them here.

How Much Does Participation in Henchmind Cost?

All meetings are conducted free of charge. However, at the end of each month, everyone has the option to donate for the club's needs (rent, furniture, repairs, etc.). It's worth noting: this is not an obligation!
Only club members, through discussions and votes, determine what they currently need and what conditions are comfortable for them. Henchmind offers complete freedom of choice.
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